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How to reset Windows WSL user password

Sep 29, 2021 windows-wsl password-reset ubuntu

The WSL Linux password can be reset easily with below steps:

In Windows once WSL is enabled and any version of Ubuntu installed, there is a ubuntu.exe (or in some cases ubuntu1804.exe, ubuntu1604.exe etc), to configure the Linux subsystem

Step 1: Login to ubuntu as Root

For this change the default user to root

Run this from Windows command prompt or Windows PowerShell

ubuntu.exe config --default-user root

Hint: Press a tab after typing ubuntu, in case your ubuntu.exe name is ubuntu1804.exe it will show that. Use this for all the steps instead of ubuntu.exe

Now Run ubuntu with user as root, the command prompt will start with root@


Step 2: Change User password

See the list of users last added in Ubuntu:

tail /etc/passwd 

Change the required user password. Example if user is myusername

passwd myusername

Enter new password and type exit to quit from WSL shell

Now set the default user to your username back

Step 3: Set user back as default user

ubuntu.exe config --default-user myusername

Done. Now you can login to WSL ubuntu with new password